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ScansAmerica will digitally scan your existing business, professional and government paper documents and store them on long-term, inexpensive media for fast, automated retrieval when needed.



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“We got other bids, but with ScansAmerica we didn’t feel pressured.  They answered our questions in a timely fashion from start to finish and completed the project as promised.”Main Street

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Document Scanning Company

The reality of your situation is that you have thousands of papers you want to organize, but you have no idea where to begin. Instead of tackling the project on your own or relying on an intern, depend on ScansAmerica as your document scanning company.

Not only does going paperless support the environment, but it’s also the best way for your company to stay organized and gain a competitive advantage. Our streamlined process sustains your security, whether you need paper records, maps, books, drawings, blueprints or other sources scanned. As a document imaging company, we ensure an efficient and secure process to keep you productive.

Benefits of ScansAmerica include that it:

  • Adds office space for business-enhancing activities
  • Gives instant access to documents, which can save time
  • Allows remote access for key employees
  • Ensures that documents are findable, limiting audit risks/li>
  • Prepares you for disasters and protects aging paper originals
  • Improves your business workflow and collaboration

Our document scanning process can help local government, medical, legal, corporate, non-profit and other businesses and organizations. We turn your compilation of papers into accessible, digital and organized files so you can manage your information. Outsourced document scanning can also reduce storage costs when you move your information from papers to a cloud-based management system.

ScansAmerica is your reliable choice. We're perfect for companies that have multiple offices. Our experienced professionals take a customized approach to find you the best solution to fit your document scanning, record storage and medical record requirements. Document digitization companies reduce costs of storage while helping you manage records. We help you remain compliant with laws, too.

When you require a bulk scanning project, hiring a professional is the superior choice. Papers will no longer take up space in your offices, and you'll save time by having instant access to every document. Paper often limits employees to looking at documents one at a time or requires the creation of more copies.

Relying on ScansAmerica ensures experienced technicians and experts will help you get the job done. We offer a custom approach to each project depending on what you need, the type of documents you have and how you want the process completed. Choosing a document scanning company allows you to limit the risk of losing documents. You can also protect serious information from disasters and extract specific data whenever you need. Companies that scan documents, like ScansAmerica, can solve the problem of not being able to find records, which can become inefficient.

You don’t have to worry about doing it on your own. We show up, and by the time we're done, your records are gone — they'll be digital in no time.

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12-Step SureFind

12-Step SureFindTM

Digital Conversion Process

Scanning, done right, is a very detailed, multi-step process. Quality is only important if you want to find your documents after scanning.