My documents… In a “cloud”?

My documents… In a “cloud”?


Sounds scary!

I agree, but think about this: less than 44 years ago the first man landed on the moon. Imagine being strapped to that tube of highly flammable fuel! Twenty seven years ago Dr. Joel Cooper performed the first successful double lung transplant and in 2011 there were an estimated 6 billion worldwide cell phone users. I can remember when they had to be mounted in a car. Now more kids own phones than bicycles! That last assertion is my personal non-scientifical research...

The point is technology is “vastly” outpacing our wildest imaginations and yes that includes safely, securely, putting documents (even sensitive ones) in a "cloud". The concerns you have may be like the ones we hear everyday:

  1. Are my documents safe? Will some guy sitting in a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi be able to read my medical records?
  2. Will they be there when I need them? What happens if there is a power failure?
  3. Can I get them back? Technology, and companies, change how do I know that the documents I am legally required to maintain for 50 years will be accessible in 2063?

The simple answer to all three questions is "yes", with the condition that you find a trusted source that will "host" your documents. A trusted source is one that has been doing this for at least 10 years and is able to answer your specific system/network, transmission, application security concerns as well as user questions.

Questions like:

  • Who can access my files?
  • Can I add pages to an existing file?
  • What about workflow?

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