Quality Guaranteed

ScansAmerica is a one-stop shop for fast, accurate scanning that puts commercial and governmental organizations completely online Our thorough 12-step digital conversion process has been refined over 18 years of service and delivers the results businesses need: organized, easily searchable electronic documents stored either onsite or in the cloud.

1. Secure Intake

We’ll send out a driver, receive your documents, barcode them, and assign tracking numbers in our cutting-edge inventory system.

2. Pilot Box

Then we’ll go through our entire conversion process on a sample box to uncover any obstacles that can occur with new projects.

3. Customer Feedback

You will get to review the sample of your scanned documents to verify it meets your requirements prior to completing your project.

4. Document Prep

Every single document has fasteners meticulously removed and bent & damaged pages straightened & repaired prior to scanning.

5. Scan

Our state-of-the-art, high-speed, enterprise-level scanners handle large volumes quickly with the highest resolution possible.

6. Scan QA

Multi-page feed detection stops scans on more than one page at a time, and real-time LED monitoring ensures no folds or streaks.

7. Image QA

During the scanning process, random checks are made for accuracy and image quality and immediately corrected if necessary.

8. Index

Metadata is indexed for every converted document to create a detailed, highly organized hierarchy of folders and files.

9. Index QA

A second team of fresh eyes is then employed to confirm accuracy, checking all index fields against the original documents.

10. Text Recognition

ScansAmerica performs Optical Character Recognition that allows for full-text searches through all of your digital documents.

11. Final QA

One final, high-level quality assurance review is undertaken before preparing your documents for export and delivery.

12. Image Delivery

We deliver .pdf or .tiff files via internet transfer, on physical disk, hosted in the cloud, or integrated into any of your systems.

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