Philadelphia Document Scanning Services

You have hundreds of papers strewn throughout the office, and you’re not sure where to begin to organize them — sound about right? It’s a common sight to see as companies are advancing faster than ever, but how do you manage all your files?

Bulk Scanning Services in Philadelphia

At ScansAmerica, we are your local document scanning service that can transform your business from clutter and chaos to a streamlined, paperless office. Instead of purchasing expensive equipment like scanners and hiring more personnel to take care of the process, trust the experts for assistance.

Our high-quality, 12-step process will help you save time and money. Philadelphia document scanning services from ScansAmerica handle the entire conversion procedure, allowing you to focus on daily tasks and more critical business matters. We support areas throughout PA and other states to convert your physical documents to digital.

Our Detailed Process

We've worked hard to perfect our process to ensure each client receives accurate and readable files. Here's an abbreviated look at our 12-step process:

  • We enter your inventory into a management system for tracking and perform sample conversions.
  • You can view the sample to make modifications, and then we begin document preparation.
  • ScansAmerica professionals scan all your documents with the latest technology and monitor the process.
  • We rescan any imperfect images or documents, then create a filing system upon your request.
  • A new team of experts verifies accuracy, and we offer full-text search capabilities.
  • We ensure quality and deliver the final results to you in your specified formats.

What Our Document Digitizing Services in Philadelphia Can Offer

Our solutions support companies throughout the Metro Area when you require bulk scanning projects. We scan everything from documents and medical records to engineering drawings and photos. Our services include backfile and day-forward scanning which supports one-time bulk projects and on-going scanning processes, respectively.

The most satisfying aspect of our solutions is that you never have to lift a finger because ScansAmerica handles all the preparation, scanning, indexing and quality control.

Advantages of Our Document Scanning Company in Philadelphia

If you have massive amounts of documents that need scanning, we are your go-to source. We will travel to you for convenience as well as pack and pick up the boxes. We make sure you receive an exceptional experience because we know you already have a million other things to keep track of.

Several benefits of relying on ScansAmerica include:

  • Using your cleared out office space for things pertinent to your operation
  • Saving time by having instant access to documents when we upload them to a searchable database
  • Accessing necessary documents at any time
  • Reducing your reliance on paper copies that are a single source of information only one person can see at a time
  • Limiting the risk of losing vital papers or throwing them away
  • Protecting your files from disasters like fire and water
  • Improving the workflow in your office

Whether you don’t have enough office space, want to organize your documents or are relocating, ScansAmerica provides hassle-free solutions. You may even want a new cloud-based file storage system with all your files in one area or want to improve automation. If so, reach out to us today and we can help.

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