Historical Archive Scanning

Leave your archival type artworks and documents in safe and reliable hands

Preserve irreplaceable documents and share information with a much wider audience.

Few would argue that technology has made what was once impossible, possible. It wasn’t that long ago that you had to settle for talking with friends and family members on the other side of the world by telephone. Now, you can communicate with them face-to-face on platforms like Skype and FaceTime without even leaving your home.

Of course, technological advancements haven’t been limited to the way we can communicate with others. Progress has made digitizing historical records a very real phenomenon that’s successfully preserving irreplaceable documents all over the globe. In addition to preserving historical documents, archival document scanning has made it possible to share information with a much wider audience.

With archival preservation scanning, people no longer have to travel to distant museums or galleries to see historical documents. Instead, institutions can make these documents available online for a limited number of subscribers or the public at large. If you currently work with older documents, you already know these pages require special handling, as they are fragile and may even require restoration. That is where ScansAmerica can help.

Types of Historical Documents Organizations Often Scan

While many people may automatically think of artwork or historical documents like the Declaration of Independence when they think about the kinds of documents an organization may want to scan, there are many other types of pages scanning can preserve. From law offices and medical offices to municipal governments, universities and many more, all kinds of organizations can use historical document preservation services. With just about any kind of organization needing document scanning services, many types of historical records are preserved digitally on a regular basis.

Historical documents may include:

  • County land records, like deed books and land use records, and historical drawings
  • Court documents like marriage, death, birth, and divorce records
  • Historical naval ship drawings and repair manuals
  • Student records
  • Art gallery records

Who We Help and How We Do It

ScansAmerica helps organizations just like yours preserve pages every day. We customize our historical document preservation services to suit the specific needs of every one of our valued clients. Our hassle-free services include boxing your historical records for you, transporting them to our facility, and digitally preserving them.

When you use our digitizing archival materials services, you’ll enjoy having access to your preserved pages from any location. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the invaluable information on your scanned pages is forever protected from natural disasters such as floods and fires.

Whether you want to limit the space you have to dedicate for record storage or improve your workflow by granting your employees access to information without requiring them to look through paper files, using our historical document scanning services ensures your documents stay secure and accessible.

We’ve helped several organizations preserve their documents:

  • Corcoran Art Gallery
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Arlington County Library
  • Office of Govt Ethics
  • Virginia Dept of Health
  • City of Alexandria
  • US Navy
  • Williamsburg-James City County
  • City of Virginia Beach
  • Chesapeake
  • FEMA
  • And many more!

To learn more about the historical document preservation and scanning services we provide to organizations just like yours, contact ScansAmerica today.

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