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Storing the Records Your Business Relies On

Records exist for your business to rely on. They help you access the information you need to serve the public. But records can also take up valuable office space and get damaged or lost, no matter how hard you work to protect them. Poor office file storage can keep you from doing the work that matters most.

Overflowing filing cabinets and stacks of cardboard boxes make for bad office decoration. They also impede your workflow, as you're forced to search through years of documents just to find what you need today. Keeping all your records onsite can lead to fruitless hours spent searching for misplaced files. What's worse, the momentary panic of losing an important document can cause stress and keep your staff from focusing on their priorities, like treating patients or helping clients.

Every minute you spend pawing through a packed filing cabinet is a minute you're not helping the people your business serves. Even if you eventually find the document, you don't get those minutes back. And if a document is lost forever, you'll spend even more time regathering information — if you can find the information you need at all.

Even more importantly, storing your records onsite leaves them vulnerable to damage. Important files can be lost, stolen, or destroyed by disasters like fires, floods and spilled cups of coffee. Even if you keep your records organized using intricate labels and complex filing systems, you can't guarantee their safety.

Is there a good way to solve problems with document storage? Digitization provides one solution. Even though digital backups of your files could improve your workflow, digitization does nothing to address the security of your paper records, and some physical records are too important to abandon entirely.

If you're ready for a more secure and user-friendly document storage and management solution, consider storing your business' vital records offsite. At ScansAmerica, we can handle file storage for you, ensuring that your documents are stored in a safe environment and available for you to access whenever you need them. Storing years worth of records isn't your job, and it shouldn't have to be. Leave it to us!

Solving File Storage Problems Without Hassle

Offsite records storage has the potential to make work easier for your business. By housing your paper documents in our storage facility, you can free up office space and still have the ability to access the information you need at any time. When you know your documents are secure and protected from damage, you'll spend less time worrying and more time serving the clients you care about.

At ScansAmerica, we understand how important records are to your business — that's why we've made storing records our business since 1995. We help local governments and businesses like yours find secure and organized storage for their records. Our offsite document storage complies with industry standards and regulations too, allowing our clients to store vital information lawfully. We also make our storage available around the clock, so you can retrieve your files quickly if an emergency strikes.

ScansAmerica can help you transition to offsite storage without any hassle. Our team handles the entire process from start to finish. We pick up your documents by coming to you. Then, we get to work organizing pages, adding labels and checking that everything is ready for safe storage.

Worried about handing over your most important records? We'll work with you all the way through in order to ensure your files are handled exactly how you'd like, even if that means adjusting our process to suit your needs. We're happiest when our clients have exactly what they need to feel comfortable.

Securely store all your files and optimize your workflow

Without proper document storage and management, files can take forever to locate, take up valuable office space, or worse, get lost. ScansAmerica’s Records Storage services provide many options for secure off-site records storage and records management systems from anywhere in the US.

By outsourcing your paper document management to us, you’ll no longer waste time archiving, storing, and locating files from dozens of cabinets of records. More importantly, files can be retrieved quickly and you’ll also save thousands of dollars every year from storing, filing, and copying costs.

Our comprehensive Records Storage services provide:

  • Storage for any type of file, document, or media
  • Offsite backup tape rotation & vaulting
  • Medical/dental records storage
  • 24/7 accessibility and emergency retrievals
  • Compliance with retention times and other regulations specific to your industry

Reach out to us now for a quote on a customized document records storage solution for your unique business.

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