Records Storage

Document storage and retrieval made easy, as it should be

Securely store all your files and optimize your workflow

Without proper document storage and management, files can take forever to locate, take up valuable office space, or worse, get lost. ScansAmerica’s Records Storage services provide many options for secure off-site records storage and records management systems from anywhere in the US.

By outsourcing your paper document management to us, you’ll no longer waste time archiving, storing, and locating files from dozens of cabinets of records. More importantly, files can be retrieved quickly and you’ll also save thousands of dollars every year from storing, filing, and copying costs.

Our comprehensive Records Storage services provide:

  • Storage for any type of file, document, or media
  • Offsite backup tape rotation & vaulting
  • Medical/dental records storage
  • 24/7 accessibility and emergency retrievals
  • Compliance with retention times and other regulations specific to your industry

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Bulk Document Scanning

Hassle-free, efficient solution that optimizes your services and internal processes

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Historical Archive Scanning

Leave your archival type artworks and documents in safe and reliable hands

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Ongoing Document Scanning

Stop filling up filing cabinets and storage boxes and stay current on your records system

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