Your Paper Fuels
The MARS Mission

When you trust your document scanning project to ScansAmerica, you’re not only going green, but you’re helping NASA put the next astronaut on Mars! That’s right, MARS! We’ve partnered with our next-door neighbor, NASA Langley, to help fuel the mission. How do we do it? When your scanning project is complete, you’re totally satisfied, and you give us the written go-ahead, we destroy your original paper files at the NASA Steam Plant. In addition to your paper, the facility also burns other Hampton city-generated refuse. And it does so super-efficiently, and with no negative environmental effects. The steam created fuels 80+% of the entire NASA Langley research center operation.


Did You Know…

If you had ScansAmerica scan and then destroy your original paper files, you helped NASA: Explore Mars, test space shuttle aerodynamics in over 60,000 hours of wind tunnel runs, develop the record setting Mach 9.6 X-43A scramjet, construct the inflatable lunar habitat, conduct over 50 space-borne experiments in the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF), design CALIPSO to study atmospheric aerosols that affect global climate change, reduce dangerous wake vortices in wing technology, and even perfect 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps’ hydrodynamic Speedos.


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