The Process

Scanning done right is a very detailed, multi-step process

Get to know our 12-Step SureFindTM Digital Conversion Process

Step 1: Secure Intake

ScansAmerica uses a 13,000-square-foot conversion facility to immediately enter and barcode documents into an inventory management system that allows tracking individual pages of documents.


Step 2: Pilot Box

Using a sample from the documents provided, we perform the entire conversion process on a sample to uncover any hidden challenges that sometimes occur with new projects.


Step 3: Customer Feedback

Using the converted sample from Step 2, customers view an electronic sample of their scanned documents. At this stage, the customer can modify what they want before we continue with full production.


Step 4: Document Preparation

Using over 13,000-square-feet of physical space, our team goes through every document to remove fasteners, straighten bent pages, repair damaged pages, and prepare all pages to be scanned.


Step 5: Scan

Using the latest LED-light sourced, high-speed Kodak and Fujitsu scanners, your documents are scanned with the highest image quality possible.

Step 6: Scan Quality Assurance

Throughout the scanning process, ScansAmerica's high-speed scanners use an ultrasonic multi-feed page detection that will stop scanning if more than one page is fed into the scanner. Projects are monitored via LCD Screens in real-time that look for folds, streaks, and other imperfections. We also clean our scanners every hour to ensure the highest-quality images.


Step 7: Image Quality Assurance

Through a 100% Quality Assurance review of scanned images, our team checks documents for scanning accuracy and quality. If there are any imperfections -- skewed images, discoloration or speckling -- the pages will be rescanned.


Step 8: Index

Once scanned, we index or create metadata for every converted document and create a filing or folder system at your request. We create an electronic tag to allow users to find the document in various open-market databases or file systems.


Step 9: Index Quality Assurance

A new team with a fresh set of eyes takes over to verify accuracy and check index fields against the original document.


Step 10: OCR-Full Text Searchable

At the customer's request, we can perform an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process that allows for full-text search capabilities for all of our customers’ documents.

Step 11: Final Quality Assurance

One last, high-level quality assurance step is taken before exporting the documents and preparing them for delivery.

Step 12: Image Delivery

The ScansAmerica team can deliver files as .pdf and .tiff files, per the customer's request. We have staff members who can integrate the documents into more than 25 existing document management systems.

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