Document Conversion Service

Convert your data into a more streamlined system allowing employees to simultaneously access them at any time.

At ScansAmerica, we know all too well the struggle you may face when it comes to filing papers, managing your data and allowing employees to see documents in the office. For any business, it's necessary to share documents among employees. However, with a physical piece of paper, only one person can see it at a time. By digitizing paper records, we can convert your data into a streamlined system.

Helping You With High-Volume Document Conversion Projects

Our focus is to help you convert large quantities of documents to more accessible and secure digital files.

We can help you with the following:

  • Media conversion
  • Paper scanning
  • Book scanning
  • Microfilm and microfiche scanning
  • Archival preservation scanning
  • Image and micrographics scanning

Creating electronic forms allows everyone to view data at once, which improves productivity and communication. Digitizing files services from ScansAmerica saves your resources as well as time because our professionals understand the material you need converting. Knowing the technical requirements of each job results in us doing it efficiently and allows us to implement high levels of security.

The last thing you want on your mind is how you're going to find the time and labor to convert all your data. Instead of going through the inconvenience alone — hiring an intern and buying a scanner — our document conversion services are here to complete the scanning, boxing and moving, which will reduce your record management costs. We are efficient enough to keep your operations running, and we ensure security with each project. We take care of all the work so you can focus on more significant tasks.

How ScansAmerica Document Conversion Services Can Benefit Your Business

When you rely on our document digitization service, we implement the 12-step process to ensure quality scanning. We travel to your location for pick up, complete the conversion at our facility, and offer per-box pricing instead of a per-document rate. Here's how we can advance your company using our scanning solutions:

  • Cut the need to store documents and papers, which creates more office space for business activities.
  • Save yourself time by having immediate access to data because we upload all materials to a searchable database.
  • Employees from any location and any department can access files.
  • Protect aging hard copy originals.
  • Streamline workflows and increase collaboration in your company.
  • Ensure document security, access, and compliance.

Our databases enable quicker search and retrieval methods to increase your productivity. We limit any risks of misplacing, misfiling, or throwing away papers by converting them to digital formats, and protect them from disasters like fires and floods.

Digital Conversion You Can Trust

We take a custom approach to each project because each company has different requirements. Contact ScansAmerica online for a quote or to learn more info about our scanning solutions.

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