Scanning of Education Records

Eliminate dead storage space, reduce overhead, and free office space previously allotted for paper records

Whether it’s a public or private school, a center for advanced learning or a daycare center, just about every educational institution is dealing with too many records to maintain and store.

In years past, this meant that schools at all levels had to reserve considerable physical space for their paper records.

With many schools trying to reduce their overhead by eliminating dead storage space, education document scanning services are in high demand, along with practical conversion and data storage solutions. At ScansAmerica, you’ll find document scanning services for student records, conversion services and data storage solutions from one convenient partner.

Why Use Our Student Records Scanning Service?

Since 1995, we have developed a track record of success working with schools at all levels of the education system. We take our work as seriously as our clients take their records, which means they’ll remain secure at all times.

Our employees are fully vetted, and attend ongoing training sessions regarding privacy. Our facility is secure and has controlled access points. Our building is alarmed and outfitted with keypad entry door lock systems. No cell phones or cameras are permitted within our premises as an additional precaution to protect the privacy of our clients’ records.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and software enable us to produce digitized images that are compatible with many of the electronic systems commonly used in schools. Our equipment also allows you to access the records you store with us whenever and wherever you need them.

When you use our student records scanning service, your school will enjoy several key benefits. Your staff’s productivity will improve because they’ll no longer have to search through paper records to find the information they need. You can enjoy improved compliance with FERPA because the digitized records we create can be encrypted and protected with passwords to ensure no one can access private information without having the right credentials to do so.

Our service makes it much easier for your staff to share information with each other as well as with inquiring parents and students. And we ensure your records are safe from disasters such as fires and floods, too. This gives you, your staff members, as well as students and their parents greater peace of mind.

Types of Education Records We Scan, Convert, and Store

ScansAmerica can scan, convert and store many different kinds of records for schools. Here are some of the school records we work with most often:

  • Minutes from school board meetings
  • Student billing statements
  • Transcripts and report cards
  • Student records
  • Personnel files and HR documents
  • School newspapers and student publications
  • Applications for financial aid and related materials
  • Medical records
  • Class schedules
  • Payroll and payroll tax records

Believe it or not, the list provided above offers just a sampling of the types of school records we scan, digitize and store on a regular basis. For a custom quote for us to scan and convert your records, contact ScansAmerica today.

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