How Much?

Prices depend on the documents you have on hand along with several other factors

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To understand the scanning process better, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many pages need to be scanned?
  • Are they single or double-sided?
  • How much prep work is needed?
  • What’s your timeline?
  • What manpower, space, and financial resources can you budget to the project?
  • Do you have the necessary software and hardware to complete the project?

Document scanning prices for a project will vary according to what you want. It also depends on the documents you have on hand along with several other factors.

The first step is to determine how much documentation you have to scan, along with any service options or special features you want. Estimate the number of pages as your initial step because it’s the best way to receive an accurate quote. Instead of counting individual pages, you can count the number of boxes you have.

You must also consider whether you require single- or double-sided scanning. Double adds more complexity, and knowing which boxes are single and which are double can help us know what your project will look like as a whole.

How much prep work involved is another price factor, as we take time to remove staples and paperclips. Extra required prep work will increase the duration of the project. We offer to complete the following prep work, which you would otherwise have to do on your personal time:

  • Removing staples and bindings
  • Taping odd-sized documents to standard paper
  • Separating pictures and color documents
  • Reassembling documents after scanning

Price is going to change depending on the amount you need scanned in regard to bulk pricing as well. The larger the project, the less it will cost per scanned page.

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When it comes to document scanning service prices, where you want the job done can make a difference. If you prefer your documents to remain on site, we can come to you. Time is a major factor, and it’s more beneficial if you hire professionals to take over as opposed to wasting vital employee hours sorting through papers.

Document Scanning Opportunity Costs

The opportunity costs of scanning documents on your own time compared with hiring a professional like us can add up. The full price of services to scan internally includes labor and space, including the scanning process and equipment, as well as the consequences of low-quality work or doing it wrong.

It also takes time to prepare the documents, name files for software, and complete the physical scanning process. It’s essential to think about the opportunity cost of what you could be doing instead. Document scanning by yourself also includes the staffing cost of paying an intern or employee as well as the expensive costs of purchasing equipment.

Call the Experts in

Document scanning costs from ScansAmerica differ for each project because each is specifically customized. With our document scanning services, you can streamline how you access and manage your data. The process helps you save physical space in your office with an easy-to-use system.

Our solutions allow you to maintain every aspect of your document management because we understand specific files are critical to any company. ScansAmerica offers high-quality, high-resolution, and reliable digital reproductions.

  • Down to Scanning

    You guessed it — the simplest and least costly process is the actual scanning. So when looking for ROI, you should add a minimum 3 hours of labor for preparation and QC in addition to the 90 minutes of actual scanning time, for a minimum total of 4 hours and 30 minutes per box. A file clerk with a GNA cost of $40 per hour would bring a labor cost of $180 per banker box. Add supervisory, equipment, and facility costs then you begin to see the real expense of doing a scanning project in-house.

  • Quality is “Key”-ing

    The second most difficult and costly process is the quality control of all of the images and associated metadata. What good is a digital archive if you can’t trust it to be reliable? It takes a substantial investment in specialized software and computer equipment to do this job properly.

So, how much?

Well it depends, but our typical fee for the turnkey processing of a banker box full of documents starts at $120. Contact us today and we will be glad to provide you with a custom quote for your project.

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