Legal Document Scanning

Manage client information with confidentiality and utmost security while improving productivity

Document scanning for law firms is the perfect solution to help you manage your information that requires confidentiality and the utmost security. Working for a law firm or law department comes with the standard high stacks of papers. But instead of sifting through all that information by hand, trust ScansAmerica to help your operation be more productive. With our legal records scanning services, we can help you manage and organize necessary documents, so you can focus on more significant tasks.

How We Can Streamline Document Management for Your Business

With an incredible amount of data for each case file and client you represent, you will want to arrange your papers into a secure management database. We uphold the highest standards regarding our file management which will give you a competitive edge with instant documentation searchability. Our professionals offer advanced security for scanning, classification, document recognition and automated loading.

ScansAmerica converts papers to digital formats which can benefit your law firm by:

  • Creating a more efficient workplace
  • Saving you the time and money of converting files on your own
  • Reducing storage space in your office
  • Giving everyone access to crucial info that's categorized
  • Providing extra security to protect your firm’s and your clients’ private information

We are here to assist any size law firm to be more efficient with scanning, categorizing, storing and retrieving files. Several examples of our legal document scanning services include:

  • Document preparation
  • Legal database
  • Bates numbering and labeling
  • Full-text imaging
  • Coding and custom tabs
  • Data conversion

Benefits of Implementing Our Scanning Solutions

Document scanning for large-scale projects is not something you want to waste your time on, which is why hiring the professionals is the best resolution. Advantages of converting physical papers to digital include:

  • Having all your data in one location
  • Having instant access to documents saves you time because they are in a easy-to-find database
  • A limited risk of losing data, and having protection from natural disasters
  • Improved workflow due to less clutter and more space
  • Hassle-free process that does away with boxing, packing, and moving documents

ScansAmerica helps with various document types such as litigation, real estate, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. We understand that each bulk project comes with different requirements, so we take a custom approach to each client. Our 12-step process ensures high-quality results.

We also travel to you for convenience and have an efficient process set up so you can continue working with minor disruptions. We can pick up your files, and our pricing is by box, not by each document. You benefit from outsourcing your legal document scanning project to ScansAmerica since we value effiency and security.

Receive a Free Quote From Scans America

To receive a free quote or for more information about our legal document solutions, contact us online. A ScansAmerica representative will assist you will any questions you may have.

ReidGoodman Law Firm

I found ScansAmerica to be a pleasure to work with. They were very professional and patient with our particular scanning needs. They were excellent in keeping us informed on the whole process from beginning to end; and they are reasonably priced as well. I would recommend ScansAmerica for any major scanning projects.

Abby Hess
ReidGoodman Law

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