Scanning of Non-Profit Documents

Many non-profits have limited space and resources they need to use to their fullest potential. Scanning your non-profit's records gives you more ways to help society. We can help you digitize your files to increase your organization's efficiency. Discover the features of our non-profit organization document scanning services below.

Types of Documents We Scan

You or your employees may wear many hats as part of non-profit work. One person could have roles related to marketing and development, while another completes writing- and tech-related jobs. Our specialized skills and equipment give us the tools needed to scan documents for every part of your organization. We can digitize files such as:

  • Board meeting minutes
  • Donation and volunteer forms
  • Event registrations
  • HR documents
  • Grant applications and documentation
  • Marketing flyers and photos
  • Fundraising records

Non-profit organizations help others in many ways, and a single approach won't cover them all. Let us create a custom scanning strategy that suits your non-profit's needs.

Document Management on the Cloud

As part of our services, you can ask us to upload your documents to secure cloud storage. You will get the opportunity to access your files from anywhere with a secure Internet connection. Non-profit professionals are always on the go, and your documents will go with you. View your records at events, appointments and board meetings. If you ask us to handle your cloud storage, you reduce the IT costs associated with hiring another service.

Compatible With 50+ Enterprise Content Management Systems

The digitization of non-profit records lets you organize them however you wish. We help companies and organizations integrate their files into an enterprise content management (ECM) system. Our team can upload records to simple ECMs like Google Docs or extensive databases like Oracle. Clients who prefer a no-frills solution may also ask us to upload the files to our cloud or store them on a DVD.

Secure, Regulation-Compliant File Storage

Do you wonder where your files go after we scan them for your non-profit? We keep them as safe as you do to follow regulations and protect private information. After we pack and organize your files, we take them to a secure facility. Our storage team members follow your industry's retention and security practices. We let you request your original copies 24/7 and offer emergency file retrieval.

Flat-Rate Pricing That Simplifies Budget Control

Non-profits often have less budget flexibility than companies. They need to understand the exact costs involved in every aspect of operations. Once we establish the cost of your custom services, we offer a flat-rate price per box. No need for guesswork when you consider our document scanning for non-profits. Determine your rate, and leave the rest to us.

Request a Quote for Non-Profit Scanning Services

Our team of experts has experience working with clients such as the U.S. Navy. We treat every project with the same importance using our 12-step process that creates top-quality files. Experience the ScansAmerica difference today by requesting a quote online. Let us provide digital conversion you can trust.

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