Why So Many Charter Schools?

Here at ScansAmerica, I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different industries! Law Firms, Commercial, Financial, Manufacturing, various agencies within the Federal Government, Medical, Non-Profits, and of course Education. As a former teacher of 10 years, our Education clients have a soft spot in my heart. Surprisingly, we’ve been seeing a large increase in the number of Charter Schools that have been partnering with us to digitize their paper records. (Capital City and Pharos Academy were just two I worked with in 2022.) And truthfully, they have been so easy to work with!


This got me thinking, “why is it that we’ve been seeing such an increase, and why are Charter Schools so easy to work with?” So, to satisfy my own curiousity, I did a bit of investigating.

First off, Charter schools have doubled the number of schools/campuses they have, and tripled the number of students they serve according to National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

So, us seeing such an increase is bound to happen for any industry that’s tripling its clients!

Charter schools also seem to have less funding than traditional public schools. This means they need to find cheap and innovative solutions to cut costs. That also explains why we have been seeing more charter schools reach out to us!

(After diving into the issue a bit, I came across this study from the University of Arkansas that found that Charter schools receive an average of 30% less funding.)

So, then why are Charter schools so easy to work with? My best guess is that they have more freedom to make fast and simple decisions without having to jump through too many hoops and government regulations. According to the U.S. Department of Education, "A majority of states allow charter schools significant freedom from rules and regulations, which, in many cases, is greater than that allowed other public schools.”

I won’t comment on whether creating Charter Schools with different rules is fair or good. It’s just a very interesting trend to see so many new clients from the same industry.

If you’re a Charter School, Public School, Private School, or any school, click here to get a free quote on scanning your education records, personnel records, testing records, or anything else you’d like to digitize.