Advice for Moving Business Office Locations

Advice for Moving Business Office Locations


Moving to a new office is an exciting change — but it's also one that’s highly stressful. You may think you nailed everything on your “to-do” list, but moving documents can generate hidden costs if you don’t plan. You may think your files are already maintained, but when it’s all added up, your papers can amount to a significant transfer. ScansAmerica is your primary solution when you’re planning for an office move.

Things to Consider When Relocating a Business

When it comes to moving your medical documents, engineering blueprints, secure files and other necessities, refer to the following tips:

  • Use the best skills when it comes to project management.
  • Determine what stays and goes beforehand.
  • Anticipate downtime, but work around it by using a cloud-based system.
  • Work together to make progress and to create a smooth transition.
  • Manage your new space by reducing clutter.

Things to Remember When Moving a Business: The Scanning Process

The first step you should take is to evaluate your papers, photos and other documents. Before you move, decide which ones you physically need, which ones you can digitize and which ones you can shred. You may not think so, but the weight of your papers can become an enormous issue. Space can also be a major factor. Can your new accommodations accept both the weight and physical space requirements of your files?

Streamline your stock by:

  1. Taking inventory of all your files by looking through desks, boxes, filing cabinets, etc.
  2. Knowing how much you have and which types
  3. Classifying them into the following three categories: scan, keep and discard

Scanned papers are the ones you will need access to on a regular basis. Most of your employees may even need specific pieces at the same time.

Then, figure out which documents you need to keep but can store. They are the files you won't need quick access to.

Your discard pile consists of items you no longer need. Get rid of anything that’s collecting dust or that’s out of date. It can lessen the clutter and make your office more streamlined.

The Final Step: Reaching out to the Professionals

Once you have an idea of which papers go where, contact a ScansAmerica representative. We provide bulk solutions when you need to scan documents when moving office locations. Our support will help you keep track of all your vital files without losing them during the chaos. ScansAmerica professionals implement a high-quality, 12-step process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We will even pack and pick up your boxes for a complete experience.

When you digitize your documents, you can use your new office space for more business-related activities. It helps you save time by having instant access to files and photos that we upload to a searchable database. Your employees can access sources at any time, and our services limit the risk of losing critical papers.

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