ScansAmerica Helps Clean Out Space for Capital Women’s Care

ScansAmerica Helps Clean Out Space for Capital Women’s Care


Capital Women's Care decides to clean out more space for business.

Since 1998, Capital Women's Care has continued to grow exponentially. CWC has spread throughout the Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC District with over 30 locations; making it the largest private OB/GYN practice in the Mid-Atlantic region. The group consists of more than 100 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician's, assistants certified nurses, midwives and a lot of paper!

Space, efficiency and security of paper records are huge priorities today for numerous organizations and practices. Paper documents reduce efficiency and take up a lot of space that can better be utilized to generate, instead of stagnate, profit. Having documents scanned and stored in a repository not only clears up space but allows for the documents to be more easily accessible and for patients to view their files online.

ScansAmerica to the rescue!

Via the web, CWC contacted ScansAmerica and found that we not only answered their questions, but because of our 18 year experience in the industry had a few of our own that earned the confidence for CWC to entrust these critical records to our care.

The best measure of CWC’s satisfaction with the process is that they have recently awarded us a second project and will use us for a third time this fall! It is safe to say that ScansAmerica has moved from being a provider to a partner for all CWC’s current and future needs! Wouldn’t you like to have that same kind of confidence in your scanning services provider?

To learn more about ScansAmerica's scanning services visit our site or contact us today, and let's get started!