US Department of Fish and Wildlife Goes Green

Fish and Wildlife Migratory Bird Program goes paperless to help make moving easier.

The Migratory Bird Program, a department of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, serves as the lead Federal agency for managing and conserving migratory birds in the United States. The department was moving and was boxed in with hordes of paper filing cabinets crowding the office.

Loudoun County HR Department Follows the Trend of Going Digital

Loudoun County Human Resources decides to go digital with the rest of the county.
Loudoun County, one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S., has steadily been growing into an enterprise government. Loudoun County government has been a long-time partner with ScansAmerica who has provided document scanning for Family Services, Environment Health, Building and Development, Commissioner of the Revenue and many other departments.

The American Federation of Government Employees’ Union Goes Digital

The AFGE makes the paperless switch with ScansAmerica.

The American Federation of Government Employees is the largest federal employee union representing over 650,000 federal and D.C. Government workers nationwide and overseas. Recently, they have decided to join the movement and go digital by choosing ScansAmerica to scan many of their collective bargaining agreements and an assortment of other files.

Family and Nursing Care Jumps Onboard with Scanning

FANC goes paperless with ScansAmerica.

Family and Nursing Care stationed out of Silver Springs, Maryland has been in operation since 1968. For over 55 years they have provided in-home care for the sick and elderly. Within this span, they have also collected a multitude of files on their patients. Making the decision to go paperless is hard for medical groups.

Protect Your Organization with a Business Continuity Plan

Protect your organization this hurricane season by reading the Ultimate Guide to Business Continuity Planning.

June 1st marked the beginning of the 2014 hurricane season. The threat of natural disaster is more pertinent than ever – is your business prepared? Now that Hurricane Arthur has passed through, be sure your organization will not be effected by any other natural disasters.

ScansAmerica Helps Clean Out Space for Capital Women’s Care

Capital Women’s Care decides to clean out more space for business.

Since 1998, Capital Women’s Care has continued to grow exponentially. CWC has spread throughout the Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC District with over 30 locations; making it the largest private OB/GYN practice in the Mid-Atlantic region. The group consists of more than 100 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s, assistants certified nurses, midwives and a lot of paper!

ScansAmerica Rids Chesapeake Police of Old and Damaged Documents

The Chesapeake Police Department has decided to go green after years of backlog from documents.

Recently, the Chesapeake Police Department adopted Laserfiche software to help manage the vast amount of records and documents being stored at its’ headquarters. These documents included: arrest records, investigation files, training records and microfiche cards. With the help of the department’s Central Records Supervisor, Cena Taylor, they dumped their inadequate original version of document management.

Governor McAuliffe Declares April Records and Information Management Month

As of April 1st of this year, the state of Virginia now officially recognizes Records and Information Management Month.

Records and Information Management (RIM) has continually been celebrated internationally throughout the month of April to promote professions in the RIM field and to acknowledge the impact it has on business. The purpose of recognizing April as Records and Information Management Month is to emphasize the value and importance of organizing and maintaining records that allow any organization to manage more efficiently and effectively.

Why Document Management is Efficient

Accidents and disasters happen all the time and can strike at any moment. What happens when a valuable historic or legal document is devoured in a fire or a flood?

Accidents and disasters happen all the time and can strike at any moment. What happens when a valuable historic or legal document is devoured in a fire or a flood? Like the files stored in the Library of Alexandria, they’ll be lost forever. These types of documents cannot be replaced.