How Can I Reduce Document Storage Costs for My Business?

Many companies treat document storage as an afterthought, which can be convenient in the short term but costly in the long run. When you add up monthly space rentals for offsite records, storage cost totals over the course of each year can be a huge and extraneous portion of your business overhead.

Advice for Moving Business Office Locations

Moving to a new office is an exciting change — but it’s also one that’s highly stressful. You may think you nailed everything on your “to-do” list, but moving documents can generate hidden costs if you don’t plan. You may think your files are already maintained, but when it’s all added up, your papers can amount to a significant transfer. ScansAmerica is your primary solution when you’re planning for an office move.

9 Benefits of a Paperless Office & How to Go Paperless

If volumes of old files have taken over your office space, you may be looking into the idea of updating your paper document filing system. Regulatory compliance often forces companies to keep stacks and boxes and cabinets full of records for security purposes, and this storage is creating cramped workspaces all across the nation. You might even be making extra copies of key documents, just in case something happens, and you’ve probably witnessed just how tedious it is to put so much work into preserving information printed on one of the world’s most fragile substances.

Common Document Scanning Mistakes

If you plan on scanning your documents yourself, it may seem like a simple process of feeding papers into a scanner. However, depending on how much and the type of material, it can make for an overwhelming process. Moving toward a paperless office results in a more streamlined business, but it’s easy to make document scanning mistakes. Trusting the professionals at ScansAmerica provides you with modern technology, an efficient process and secure information.

Miss America Chooses ScansAmerica

A leading advocate for women’s education and the largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women in the United States, The Miss America Organization has been and continues to be an important and uniquely American tradition. They have grown substantially since their founding and now their mission extends beyond the annual pageant we are all familiar with.

Commercial Design – Build Company Gets Uber Efficient

Focus Design Builders is a growing commercial construction and design firm serving the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area of NC.

Since their inception in 2010, they’ve developed projects spanning the range of the commercial landscape: churches, educational buildings, government offices, restaurants, and more.

Time to Clear Out the Storeroom

What Can You Do With Reclaimed Office Space?

After much convincing Barbara Ronan was able to persuade City Attorneys to finally scan 20 years of must keep files in their storeroom. Files that had been pretty much inaccessible (storerooms tend to collect a lot of clutter) are now on her computer, no more digging through piles of boxes blocking the cabinets! How did ScansAmerica do? “I checked with 2 other companies” in which she found ScansAmerica pricing to be very competitive, but felt the service (boxing the files at the front end and assisting her with loading at the back end) was “excellent!” Why not give them a call for your storeroom nightmare… today?!

There’s No Need to Be Nervous About Going Digital…

Have you heard the phrase, “These files are like my babies”?

Well, in this case it was literally true (except of course we are talking about 220 boxes of medical files… not real babies)! Advanced Pediatrics was going paperless and they were more nervous than a first time mother of triplets. After several visits and serious questioning, they finally “delivered” their patient charts to us! How did it go? “Awesome!” said Practice Manager Jen Adams. “Scans America delivered all of our medical records accurately and on time! They were always available to help us no matter what the issue was. We had a FANTASTIC experience. John and James were very attentive to our every need. Many many thanks!”